For Me, AT&T Cell Networks Were Down For Most of the Inauguration

I was really hoping that using Qik and my iPhone that I’d be able to give more of a man on the street view of the inauguration but, despite AT&T’s assertions in the NY Times to the contrary, AT&T’s cell network was down for most of the inauguration. I tried making lots of calls and they hardly ever went through. The data network was just dead from 10am on, till the end.

It’s not just that I have an iPhone. All of my non-iPhone user friends had similar problems.  I’m not mad at them.  There were 2 million people there.  I didn’t expect it to stay up.  Just don’t say things worked like a charm.

2 thoughts on “For Me, AT&T Cell Networks Were Down For Most of the Inauguration”

  1. I had about the same experience….no voice, no text, no data….with a few exceptions here and there.

  2. Same here. And I saw that garbage in the NYT about how well the network withstood the traffic. I completely agree with you; they shouldn’t lie about the quality of their service. I think most people like you and I didn’t expect it to be awesome, so there’s no need to claim it when it was not at all awesome.

    On a positive note, there is now AT&T signal inside the Loews movie theater in Georgetown. That’s cool. 🙂 Hope it wasn’t a “temporary” expansion, but one that will stick around.

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