Congress Joins YouTube; Starting a Community or Just More of the Same?

So… the United States Congress has just joined YouTube.  There are now hub pages for both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives.

From there, you can find videos of politicians giving speeches and at committee meetings. This is all stuff that to some extent you could get before, through things like C-SPAN.

What interests me more are the behind the scenes videos they’re posting.  They could do so much to use the YouTube channel to be more transparent about what is going on.

What’d be even cooler is if a Congressman walked into his office, opened up the lid of his MacBook, and was like “hey, let’s ask a question of my constituents and see what happens.”    They could use video comments to really get a conversation going.

I’d be more impressed if a Congressman decided to use Seesmic over YouTube.

We don’t need/want just another medium for politicians to spew talking points.  We have that already with the news talk shows.

It’s time to start building communities and forming relationships.

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