Who Will Revolutionize Live TV News?

Last night I was at a New Year’s Eve party and struck up a conversation with some one who spent a lot of time working in the television news industry.  She seemed frustrated with the state of things and the extent to which tv news caters to our short attention spans with sound bites and not very much actual news.  She also mentioned that if you want to do actual in-depth tv news on a show like 60 minutes, you have to have a resume with 20+ years of experience to join the team.

Of course, this conversation sends my entrepreneurial brain into gear.  On Sunday, I asked the question, who’s going to revolutionize the local news scene?  Well I ask a similar question here… who’s going to revolutionize tv news?

Between things like Twitter, Qik, and UStream, why couldn’t you produce a similar product?

I really dig what Leo Laporte is doing with TWiT Live.  He sits at his command center and broadcasts live video.  From there he can cut to his friends live all over the world and talk about the world of technology.  He can do the lower thirds and split screens just like you’d see on mainstream tv news.

Why couldn’t you have an online TV news anchor who cuts to someone with a Qik camera that’s broadcasting live from a major news event or to a story that was filed by someone who shot it with a Flip camera and edited with iMovie?  This just doesn’t seem that crazy.

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