Lesson from Jason Calacanis’s JetBlue Experience: Don’t Make Crap

Today, in Twitter and his blog, Jason Calacanis regaled us with his positive experiences as he walked through Jet Blue’s brand new Terminal 5 in JFK airport.

This is what he said:

If every terminal was like terminal five, and every airline was like Virgin and JetBlue, and we had wifi on those flights, air travel would EXPLODE and the economy would rebound.

If you’ve been in an airport or ridden on an airplane, you know how the typical customer experience is on par with getting herded like cattle.

Jason has found one of the few companies, JetBlue, that gets that if you create an enjoyable user experience for your customers… if you create a good product, then they’ll keep coming back for more and they’ll tell their friends.

If we keep looking at the airline industry, there are folks Virgin Airlines.  They value keeping the customer happy.  And… guess what?  I give them repeat business.  I also tell my friends about them.

This isn’t just for the airline industry.  It applies to anything and everything that you create.   Slow down, think about your users, and create a product/experience that they want.

Yes, if everyone made products that people wanted to buy and use, we wouldn’t be as much of a horrible recession that we are in today.  People don’t wanna buy crap.

Moral of the story: Don’t make crap.

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