Blew A Few Hours Today Playing Sim City on the iPhone

So… I’ve played a bunch of games that have been made for my iPhone.  Most have been cool but they all lacked that ummph that made it something that I wanted to play over and over again.

Well that all changed today…  I found out that Electronic Arts released Sim City for the iPhone.

Sim City is a game that I grew up with.  It’s a chunk of my computer game playing child hood.  When I saw it was released for the iPhone, I didn’t hesitate to buy it.

I’ve noticed that a lot of reviewers are like… well it’s missing this or that.  But it’s frickin’ Sim City on my iPhone.  I’m blown away to the extent that they were able to load so much of the game into a portable version.

There is everything from picking terrains, to changing taxes, meeting your mayoral advisors, to disasters, and building the water system.  Like seriously… seems like they put everything in.

I killed a couple of hours today doing nothing but playing this game.  I will definitely be playing this when I’m on on the subway commuting too and from work in Washington DC.

If like me you grew up on Sim City and you have an iPhone,  I’d recommend that you go buy this game for $9.99.  There aren’t many iPhone games that I’d say would be worth it.  This is worth it.

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