When Will All My Music Just Live In The Cloud?

Per usual, it’s Christmas Eve and my dad and I went out to pick up a last few things.  My mom stayed home and cooked all kinds of delicious amazingness.

While we were out, we stopped at Circuit City and Barnes & Nobled, I noted the extent which they still had CDs out for people to buy  all the latest music.  With the extent that iTunes is dominating as a music retailer and iPods are flying off the shelves, this all kind of surprised me.

Last week, as I was walking around DC, I was using the Pandora App on my iPhone (iTunes Link).  It got me thinking.   At what point will we even move past digital downloads for how we get and store our music?  Why can’t all our music live in the cloud?

Why do I need to download my music to a device?  I’d pay money to just be able to access the music and stream it from wherever I want as long as I want.  Maybe it could be a dime per song.

With the current digital download economy, isn’t the biggest concern piracy?  If all the music lives in the cloud, would it still be a concern?

If all my music lived in the cloud, would we have to worry about how big the hard drive was on our portable devices?

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