Our Christmas Family Newsletter

As long as I can remember, every year during the Christmas break, my dad has written some type of Christmas letter to family and friends about what has happened in the life of my family… The Thorp Family.

My dad is such a masterful writer.  Each year, not only does he give the typical update of each member of the family, he really tries to encapsulate a major theme or lesson that during the course of the year we’ve all experienced and learned first hand. (Someday, It’d be so cool to get all our family Christmas letters and bind them in a book.  That’d be the kind of thing I’d love to give my kids.)

In years past, I can remember us all sitting around the kitchen table folding, addressing, and mailing the letters.  Inevitably a half dozen of them would get sent back because my sister’s hand writing was so bad. :-p (Love you Krista!)

Well these last few years, with the Web and blogs being what they are, we’ve put it online. This year you can learn about what happened with Wes (dad), Gladys (mom), Krista (sister), Adam (bro-in-law), and me in the Thorp Family Christmas Letter on my Dad’s Blog.

Merry Christmas. 🙂

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