Day 6 of the Barack Obama Twitter Watch

So, I just friended Barack Obama on Twitter.  I figured it’s about time, considering he’s now President-Elect.  Much to my surprise, he his staff hasn’t tweeted in 6 days.

Will he pick it back up again or will the weight of the mighty government bureaucracy put a muzzle on his grassroots Web 2.0-style efforts?

5 thoughts on “Day 6 of the Barack Obama Twitter Watch”

  1. Don’t think he’ll tweet that much now that he’s the President-Elect. Probably incorporated twitter as a campaign initiative. As President, don’t think you can tweet as much due to some National Security issues or whatnot. Besides, the press is monitoring his every move and reporting it, so why have someone tweet about it? — shut my mouth…did I just say that?

  2. I think it’d be fun if Barack Obama was running the White House twittering things like “I can’t find the bathroom in the West Wing” or “Where does the door go to?” or “About to walk out the door and give my inaugural address.”

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