Apps Start Rolling in for the Apps for Democracy Innovation Challenge

With just a few days left, the applications for Peter Corbett and the District of Columbia’s Apps for Democracy Innovation Challenge are starting to roll in.

There are already three apps up on the site that take the Districts public data and reuses and mashes it up to do something really cool.  I hear that more (15 so far) will be available on the site soon.

My favorite thus far is done by my buddy Shaun Farrell.  It’s called Park It DC.  It takes DC’s parking meter data and tells you when and where the meters cost and when they’re free.  It also grabs data about where there are a lot of automotive crimes and where there are specific zones for residential parking only.  I can imagine that, if I had a car, this app would be a major part of my life.  The one thing it needs is a iPhone app or a widget.

What’s your favorite app?  Make sure that you go on the site and vote.

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