Yammer Understands Not Everyone Wants To Use The Web Site

At Clearspring, we’ve been playing around pretty heavily with the internal work-place Twitter-like app Yammer.

One thing I’ve been really impressed with is the number of different ways you can send content through the system.  I’ve downloaded their AIR desktop app and installed their iPhone app.  I rarely use their Web site.

Check out the blog post they did on the different mediums they’ve enabled.

Since day one, Yammer has enabled you to send and receive updates through your choice of 7 different mediums. The reason for providing such a vast arsenal is for you to feel comfortable and confident that you can communicate with co-workers anytime, no matter your location or working preferences.

By encouraging me to use the app where I want to use it and not necessarily via it’s Web site, I think Yammer will become ultimately more successful.

I know it sounds so counter intuitive.  Someone’s thinking, “you mean you want me to encourage people to not use my Web site? What?!?!”  Yep.  That’s exactly what I’m saying.

If you put content or functionality or allow it to be put, where folks want it,  you’re going to get more heavily engaged users.

For example, when I was at the Library of Congress, I got to see the wealth of amazing content that they get to handle and work with on a daily basis.  I was continually in awe.  They continue to digitize and put content on their Web site and while there is absolutely a dedicated audience that uses the Web site, it doesn’t seem to capture the national and world-wide imagination to the extend that it could.

In mid-January of 2008, there was a team at the Library of Congress that took 3000 amazing photographs and loaded them into Flickr.    Where do you go if you love photos?  Flickr.

Well the project captured the national and world’s imagination in a way that I had never seen before.  I think the last publicly released statistic was that they had reached 8.5 million views for these photos.  That’s AMAZING.

So… if you’re pushin content online, creating a Web app, or some new online business, what’s your distribution strategy?  How are you going to get your users to share content all over the Web?  Are you going to give up control and let your users use your content and functionality where and how they want to?

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