5 thoughts on “What Facebook/Social App Do You Use Often?”

  1. I don’t use Facebook apps myself…since they bumped all the apps to the Boxes tab on my profile, I tend to ignore it.

  2. SpinVox — call a phone #, speak your status, and it translates to Twitter, Powce, Facebook.

    Ping.fm — Update all your social networks from anywhere, now even with SpinVox. I’m a bit partial 😉

    College Football Picks — On Facebook, love this one!

    Parking Wars — Fun Facebook game by A&E.

    iLike is still a great utility for me to know when artists I like are coming to town. They do this by sending a Facebook notification.

    Pandora on Facebook is sweet.

    Someecards.com is a great way to send a humorous e-card to friends. They have a Facebook application that allows you to send the same cards to Facebook friends. One of my favorites.

    I have a lot of favorites, but the ones that continually get my attention are the ones that have actual utility, such as iLike and Lists. I look forward to more applications that are more processed in terms of rich UI and utility.

  3. I use Facebook the most, but I really like old technology like … gasp … email and newsgroups. I think there is a lot of value in sending out one email and have it reach (potentially) hundreds or thousands of other people as simply as sending one. I am also a big Blogger fan (I only set up this account on WordPress to be able to comment on blogs).

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