Be Inclusive

At Clearspring, a big part of my job has been traveling the country and meeting members of entrepreniual /web/technology communities and figuring out how we can help people be more successful. We want to help people get their content all over the Web.

Getting out there and meeting folks can definitely be a daunting task. Many times when I have traveled I’ve gone to communities where I haven’t known anyone where I was going.

What’s blown me away and been a HUGE blessing is how inclusive and welcoming some of these communities have been. They don’t know me… they’ve just met me but they treat me like I’m their friend who they’ve known for years.

Austin has been a fantastic example of this. The folks that I have met have been great. They’ve been a huge blessing to me. I count all of them as close personal friends. You guys know who you are. You rock.

I guess it’s really been a lesson for me. Be inclusive. Welcome people into your circles with open arms. It may be uncomfortable because these folks are new and not what you’re used to but if you listen you may end up hearing from these new folks and perspectives that you wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise.

One thought on “Be Inclusive”

  1. I’ve always found the DC startup/tech community to be remarkably inviting and inclusive. In a short period of time I’ve met a bunch of really wonderful people, who all seem eager to help. I’ve wondered if this was in part due to DC’s relatively small web tech sector – everyone here seems to have an active interest in each other’s success. Do you find the same experience in places like New York and California?

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