Current TV to Mash Together Twitter with the Presidential Debates

Current TV and Twitter are doing something really cool for the Presidential debates. Current TV is going to overlay people’s Twitter comments on-top of the live feed.

Today Current TV announced their plan to Hack the Debate with an innovative new way to make television interactive. “As Twitter users tweet throughout the course of the live broadcasts, Current and Twitter will collect comments regarding the debate and layer the individual messages over the debate feed.” Why stop at the web and mobile when we can create a new features for democracy?

So… this year,  do something different. Don’t watch the presidential debates on the major networks.  Watch it on Current.

One thought on “Current TV to Mash Together Twitter with the Presidential Debates”

  1. hey Justin,

    thanks for the post! just wanted to let you know that our Hack the Debate page is live with more info, etc. in case you want to forward anyone to a catch-all for info on the Current/Twitter team-up.

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