Time To Rally Together Again for the Victims of Hurricane Ike

(Photo by Alex-S)

I can’t imagine waking up one morning and finding out that you have to leave your home and head for safety. I can’t imagine leaving my home and not knowing if anything would be there when I return. I can’t imagine the prospect of then actually having to come home to utter devastation.

These are all the feelings and realties of those which have been affected the last few days by Hurricane Ike.
It was a 600 mile wide storm with 100+ mile per hour winds that ripped through portions of Texas and Louisiana.

In the era before the Web, it’d seem that’d it be easier to shrug of that portion of the USA as so far away. But now we’re connected in a way like never before. We can hear the stories, see the photos, and the feel with those effected like never before.

This connectedness has turned us into a new community… a global neighborhood. It reminds us that while we may live in different parts of the country or the world and live different ways that we’re ultimately very similar. We’re all God’s creation.

So… We must all stand together and “love your neighbor as your self.”

Just as you’d go out of your way to help your neighbor who lived down the street from you. It’s important to do what we can do help and lift up our global neighbors.

So… pray for them… give.

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