Threadless Uses Their Prints Packaging Tube To Show Their Personality

My new Threadless Print Instructions for what to do with the Threadless Prints Tube Packaging

I’m definitely a fan of the online community t-shirt company Threadless.

They recently launched a new product… Prints.  It’s some of the best t-shirt designs put on a thick stock poster.  I had never bought one before so I thought I’d give it a shot.  The walls of my apt need some decoration.

I puchased the ctrl + z print pictured above.

In the package was a piece of paper (pictured above) entitled “It’s Not Just a Tube.”  It goes through and shows you all the fun things you could do with the packaging tube that the print came in.  Examples are things like… ninja sword, giant spit baller, peg leg, and others.

Most of the items that they mentioned are just all out silly but what the piece of paper does is show the personality of the company.  I already felt like I had a relationship and knew the people at Threadless, through their Web site.  Getting this sense of who the company is just endears me to them more.

What kind of personality does your company have?  Do you show it?  If so, how?

I Heart Pandora

[clearspring_widget title=”I Heart Pandora” wid=”48ade10642bb5ce3″ pid=”48b315d2fcaef197″ width=”300″ height=”250″ domain=””]

A bunch of us here at Clearspring are really bummed that the online music radio provider Pandora may be facing extinction due to a massive hike in royalty fees for Internet radio stations.

So… we’re calling everyone to action.  We’ve created the Web site I Heart Pandora and a widget that you can use as a way to tell the world that you love Pandora just as much as we do.  The widget includes a link about how you can take action.

Put the widget on your blog, social networking profile, and Twitter about it.  We don’t want services like Pandora and all Internet radio stations to go away.

More on this from Hooman Radfar and Rich LaBarca.

Grab the I’m Attending SXSW Badge

At Clearspring, we’re getting pretty excited about SXSW coming up in March of next year.  So… we made a badge for those of you who’ve just registered.  Tell the world you’ll be there.

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Write Your Customers Love Letters

A note from my maid at the Hotel Palomar

So… I’ve been thinking more and more about how you can “make love to your customers.

I was really blown away during my last trip to San Francisco.  I was staying at the Hotel Palomar, which is part of the Kimpton Hotel chain.  It’s on 4th and Market.

After a day of running around, I came back to the personalized note that is pictured above.  It was the maid assigned to my room telling me thank you for staying and asking if there is anyway that she can help.    I was incredibly impressed.

There was nothing more that my maid or the hotel could do to make me feel more comfortable but I was just blown away by someone taking the time to write me the note.  If anything, it endeared me even more to hotel chain and will guarentee that I stay at a Kimpton Hotel during my next trip.

This jived with some practices I do with my community.  When a user signs up for an account at Clearspring, I’ll send them a note and say thank you.  Yes, it’s the same note but if I know the person who’s on the list I’ll personalize it.  Regardless, people love it when I take the time to say thank you for creating an account.  The e-mail isn’t automatically generated.  It’s me sitting down and sending them out because I really am thankful.

Just as there are a lot of hotels in San Francisco, there are even more things for people to occupy their time online.  So when someone takes the time to spend time on your Web site or application, say thank you.

Saying thank you and letting people you know you appreciate them will just endear them more to what you’re trying to do.

So… have you had a cool experience where someone has written you a thank you note and really just knocked your socks off?

This Week in Library of Congress Photos

The Library of Congress has put up some really awesome photos on Flickr this week.  I thought I’d highlight a couple of them.

This one is of guys tearing up the floor at the chamber of the House of Representatives at the US Capitol building.

This one is a great drawing of Grand Central Station in NYC.

This one is of a Greek church service for King George in NY.

Follow Clearspring’s CEO Hooman Radfar on Twitter

As you know, I’m a big fan of Twitter as a way to talk to and listen to your personal community.

Well I’ve been having this conversation with the CEO of Clearspring Hooman Radfar.  He’s incredibly active and has a MASSIVE personal community. He didn’t use Twitter.

I think it’d be a HUGE service for him.  Yet, he was skeptical.

Well, he’s still seems a little skeptical but now he’s experimenting with Twitter. So all I ask is, follow @hoomanradfar.

WordCamp: Achieving sustainable virality means not being a dick

Just sat in a really good session by Ben Huh. He’s one of the dudes behind I Can Haz Cheezburger. His talk was entitled “LOLcats and the Secret of Virality.” It rocked. Here’s the gist:

He talked about how most achieve virality by shotgunning invites out to as many people. This works in the short term but there is one big downside. People will see you as a dick. Plus it doesn’t achieve sustainable traffic. People will come to your site, find out they don’t like it, leave, and never come back.

The key is sustainable traffic. You’re not going to get it fast. It takes time but they’re users who’ll come back over and over and over

You do this via… having a good product that someone wants. People like good content.

You need to show love to your users. Engage your users. Show them you appreciate them. This will build goodwill with your users.

Then make it easy for your users to share your content with their friends. (Maybe do this with widgets/Clearspring? :-))

If you wanna check out his slides, go here:

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