Wednesday Meetup at Peregrine Espresso in Capitol Hill, Washington DC

So in place of Murky Coffee’s Capitol Hill location, we’ve gotten Peregrine Espresso, which opened to the world this weekend.

I’m in Michigan this weekend, so this week sometime when I’m back in DC I’m going to make the trek over there to check it out.  If I go on Wednesday night to Peregrine Espresso around 7:30pm, anybody want to meetup?

The location is – 660 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington DC 20003. Hopefully I’ll see ya there.

If you want to see some initial thoughts, check out the review from my buddy Jon Tilley.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Meetup at Peregrine Espresso in Capitol Hill, Washington DC”

  1. I’ll go… I went on Saturday morning at 8:00am… got a little design on my coffee… i think it was a heart. The only downside is they don’t have many to choose from. I thought I could get a carmel latte but they only have lattes. looks nice inside though

  2. Justin:

    I’m in Seattle until late Wednesday, but this sounds like a great idea..perhaps a raincheck?

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