Shel Israel’s “7 Tips for new Twitter Users”

A lot of my friends and co-workers have been dipping their toe in the Twitter pool.  They hear me and others talk about it and want to give it a whirl.  Some stay and some don’t.

My friend Shel Israel provides some AWESOME advice for anyone who’s new to Twitter.  It’s a recommended read.  Check it out:

So, if you are new to Twitterville, it is a friendly place. But people need to know a bit about you in order to want to spend time in conversation with you. This will not happen if you simply start and account, reveal nothing about yourself and your interests and then go around collecting follows. Some people may follow you back automatically, but it seems to me that will matter very little if the two of yo have nothing to talk about, other than how many new follows you’ve added.

There are a few things yo might consider doing first.

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