I Heart Pandora

[clearspring_widget title=”I Heart Pandora” wid=”48ade10642bb5ce3″ pid=”48b315d2fcaef197″ width=”300″ height=”250″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

A bunch of us here at Clearspring are really bummed that the online music radio provider Pandora may be facing extinction due to a massive hike in royalty fees for Internet radio stations.

So… we’re calling everyone to action.  We’ve created the Web site I Heart Pandora and a widget that you can use as a way to tell the world that you love Pandora just as much as we do.  The widget includes a link about how you can take action.

Put the widget on your blog, social networking profile, and Twitter about it.  We don’t want services like Pandora and all Internet radio stations to go away.

More on this from Hooman Radfar and Rich LaBarca.

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