Using iPhone GPS in NYC

Now I feel like I’m pretty good at finding my way around cities that I’ve never been to before but I don’t mind an  aid to help me get my bearings.  The iPhone with its maps have been priceless.

What has tipped it over the edge for me has been the GPS.  Not only can I see the whole area but it’ll tell me within 2 blocks where I am.  This rocks.

It’s definitely made it easier for me to navigate NYC with ease.

4 thoughts on “Using iPhone GPS in NYC”

  1. As a native to the NYC suburbs and frequent visitor, I never found maps helped… However, I was visiting NYC last weekend and happened to have my iPhone on me. At first I didn’t use it, as I was in familiar territory — Penn Station area. Then we couldn’t find FAO schwarz so I pulled up the map. I searched by name and found it a bunch of blocks away. Needless to say, we took the subway up and then used the gps to navigate toward the store.

    It was pretty awesome!

    Zach Armstrong

  2. Are you sure it is the GPS which is used in NYC and not the triangulation with Cell Towers. The iPhone is using both. Because As soon as there is little sky available, GPS is becoming quite useless (unfortunately).

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