Dr. Mark Drapeau is Bringing Social Media into the Defense Department

One of the cool people that I have met and become friends with on my many adventures is Dr. Mark Drapeau or cheeky_geeky as he is called on Twitter.

He’s a scientific fellow within the Defense Department (DoD) that’s exploring the potential uses of social media within the DoD.

He’s recently written a guest post for Mashable about his endeavors and I think you should all read it.

Slowly and with some collaborators including Dr. Linton Wells II who previously acted as the CIO of the Department of Defense, I have established a new research project called Social Software for Security, or S3 (everything in the military MUST have an acronym) at CTNSP. The general goals of S3 are to inventory available technologies, demonstrate effective uses of such technology throughout the government, identify impediments to use in the military, engage with experts to outline possible solutions, and ultimately make recommendations to the Department of Defense leadership on an overall military strategy for using social software for national security.

One thought on “Dr. Mark Drapeau is Bringing Social Media into the Defense Department”

  1. Hi Justin,

    Check out http://www.feedjournal.com

    I think big organizations could benefit from software such as the Feedjournal. Such a software could take RSS/ATOM feeds from various departments and create an up to date newsletter or report that can be printed out in an easy to read format that is easily managed and archived.

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