Yes, We’re Planning BarCampDC2.

I get asked about once a week “So… when is the next BarCamp in DC?”  Well, I’m excited to announced that we are planning BarCampDC2.

We are looking to do it around the end of September or early October.  We are NOT looking for RSVPs yet.  We are looking to nail down a venue first.

If you’d be interested in hosting BarCampDC2 or if you’re interested in sponsoring, e-mail me at

3 thoughts on “Yes, We’re Planning BarCampDC2.”

  1. Man, I wish we could host this at Ebenezers. But I’m not sure we could accommodate the breakout room. Plus, the crowd will quite possibly increase over BarCamp1! 🙂 Still, if you’d like me to look into it, let me know.

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