Capt. Von Krosigk – This Week in Library of Congress Photos

This week the Library of Congress has uploaded another batch of great photos to their Flickr account.  The one above of Capt. Von Krosigk especially caught my eye.

What else is cool is that someone has already commented that the photo might match up with a 1901 New York Times article.

This is kind of stuff that makes me REALLY excited about the Web.

Wednesday Meetup at Peregrine Espresso in Capitol Hill, Washington DC

So in place of Murky Coffee’s Capitol Hill location, we’ve gotten Peregrine Espresso, which opened to the world this weekend.

I’m in Michigan this weekend, so this week sometime when I’m back in DC I’m going to make the trek over there to check it out.  If I go on Wednesday night to Peregrine Espresso around 7:30pm, anybody want to meetup?

The location is – 660 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington DC 20003. Hopefully I’ll see ya there.

If you want to see some initial thoughts, check out the review from my buddy Jon Tilley.

Donate to Help Those Who’ll be Hurt by Hurricane Gustav

Friends, Hurricane Gustav is bearing down on the Southeast United States.   It’s a massive storm with winds currently around 115 mph.  This is scary stuff and has the potential to do a lot of harm

It’s time to come together.  It’s time to do something.

Instead of getting your daily latte at Starbucks, give some money to an organization like the American Red Cross.  I will be.

TechCrunch Redesigned – Who Knew?

Wednesday, TechCrunch wrote a blog post say essentially, “as most of you have already seen, TechCrunch launched a redesign.”  Well, I didn’t notice.  I read TechCrunch in my RSS reader.

The TechCrunch audience is pretty technically savvy.  I can imagine a majority of their readers use RSS.

I wonder how many noticed the redesign before they said something.

Washington DC’s JamLegend Featured in TechCrunch

Congrats to Andrew, Arjun, and Ryan, from Washington DC-based Web start-up JamLegend.  Yesterday, their company was featured in leading Web 2.0 blog TechCrunch.

One of the most promising startups to come out of the LaunchBox incubator is JamLegend, a music site with mass appeal. JamLegend takes the familiar anyone-can-be-a-rockstar model made popular by videogames like Guitar Hero and Rock Band and puts it on the Web.

These guys rock!  They have an incredibly contagious passion for what they’re doing.  I’m confident they’ll go far.

Shel Israel’s “7 Tips for new Twitter Users”

A lot of my friends and co-workers have been dipping their toe in the Twitter pool.  They hear me and others talk about it and want to give it a whirl.  Some stay and some don’t.

My friend Shel Israel provides some AWESOME advice for anyone who’s new to Twitter.  It’s a recommended read.  Check it out:

So, if you are new to Twitterville, it is a friendly place. But people need to know a bit about you in order to want to spend time in conversation with you. This will not happen if you simply start and account, reveal nothing about yourself and your interests and then go around collecting follows. Some people may follow you back automatically, but it seems to me that will matter very little if the two of yo have nothing to talk about, other than how many new follows you’ve added.

There are a few things yo might consider doing first.

Threadless Uses Their Prints Packaging Tube To Show Their Personality

My new Threadless Print Instructions for what to do with the Threadless Prints Tube Packaging

I’m definitely a fan of the online community t-shirt company Threadless.

They recently launched a new product… Prints.  It’s some of the best t-shirt designs put on a thick stock poster.  I had never bought one before so I thought I’d give it a shot.  The walls of my apt need some decoration.

I puchased the ctrl + z print pictured above.

In the package was a piece of paper (pictured above) entitled “It’s Not Just a Tube.”  It goes through and shows you all the fun things you could do with the packaging tube that the print came in.  Examples are things like… ninja sword, giant spit baller, peg leg, and others.

Most of the items that they mentioned are just all out silly but what the piece of paper does is show the personality of the company.  I already felt like I had a relationship and knew the people at Threadless, through their Web site.  Getting this sense of who the company is just endears me to them more.

What kind of personality does your company have?  Do you show it?  If so, how?

I Heart Pandora

[clearspring_widget title=”I Heart Pandora” wid=”48ade10642bb5ce3″ pid=”48b315d2fcaef197″ width=”300″ height=”250″ domain=””]

A bunch of us here at Clearspring are really bummed that the online music radio provider Pandora may be facing extinction due to a massive hike in royalty fees for Internet radio stations.

So… we’re calling everyone to action.  We’ve created the Web site I Heart Pandora and a widget that you can use as a way to tell the world that you love Pandora just as much as we do.  The widget includes a link about how you can take action.

Put the widget on your blog, social networking profile, and Twitter about it.  We don’t want services like Pandora and all Internet radio stations to go away.

More on this from Hooman Radfar and Rich LaBarca.

Grab the I’m Attending SXSW Badge

At Clearspring, we’re getting pretty excited about SXSW coming up in March of next year.  So… we made a badge for those of you who’ve just registered.  Tell the world you’ll be there.

[clearspring_widget title=”Widget” wid=”48af372b36cd8d13″ pid=”48af392240e92535″ width=”180″ height=”270″ domain=””]