We’re a Family of Bloggers…

It just dawned on me that my entire family is now blogging. 😀   This rocks.

My dad was the first one to start a blog.  You can find him on his personal blog Daily Grit, where he dives into issues he’s running into on a daily basis, and his neighborhood blog about living in Southwest Lansing.

You can find my mom at her new blog, Mrs. Thorp’s Third Grade Blog. She’s a retired teacher of many many years and is now imparting her wisdom into the blogosphere.

My soon-to-be brother-in-law Adam also has a blog. It’s called Ironies and Musings from a white, middle class, 20 something.

Both Adam and my sister have been in Easter Europe for the last little bit.   During the trip, she’s been doing some guest posts on his blog, which have been awesome.   I hope they’ll both continue to blog just as much, once they’re married.

Obviously, you can read me here. 🙂

So does your family blog? If so, drop links in the comments.

3 thoughts on “We’re a Family of Bloggers…”

  1. my brother blogs about web 2.0 and venture capital and things of that nature. he’s headed to london this fall for his masters at the London School of Economics. he’d better keep up his blog so I don’t feel so far from him. Do you hear me, Zachary!?!?!? http://techsuccess.blogspot.com/

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