Random Thoughts from Facebook’s F8…

So I’m here in San Francisco at Facebook’s F8 conference.

At the beginning of the afternoon, everyone filed into the main auditorium room for Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote. I think everyone had that same Steve Jobs Keynote like anticipation about what he was going to say and if it was going to be something new and exciting.

They officially officially kicked off development around Facebook Connect, which is really cool but will be more fun when there are some more working examples to play with.  Sounds like this will come later this summer.

They also spent a lot of time talking about what the principles of good Facebook applications are and what they’re going to try and encourage moving forward.  This wasn’t that exciting.

What impressed me more was the setup of the conference.

Theses guys throw an impressive party.  It’s a big space.  Each section is cordoned off so that they can talk more indepth about different aspects around building for the platform.

They’re serving a variety of really good food.  It looks like they raided the local IKEA and got all kind of hipster furniture for folks to sit on.  Plus… the drinks are flowing and the music is pumpin’.

You can defintely tell that they’re trying to maintain the level of excitement around the platform that they got last year when it started.  Will they be able to get people pumped?  I dunno.  Only time will tell.

Kind of interesting… they did announce that there are 400,000 developers on the Facebook platform.  Now I wonder whether those are the number of active developers or the number of folks who installed the Facebook Developer application, which includes folks like me who’ve installed it once and haven’t touched it.

Regardless, 400,000 developers for one platform is A LOT of people.

Well… I’m back to the party. More blogging later.

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