Twitter, Serendipity, and Seattle

So… I’m sitting here in a Starbucks in Seattle.  It’s been a great weekend!!!

Upon arriving here, I was just kind of tooling around and seeing the sights.  I was meeting up with some friends for dinner later.

Unbeknownst to me, my buddy Saul from FreshBooks just happened to be in Seattle as well.  We ended up meeting up and he joined my posse for dinner.

How did we end up finding each other?  We are Twitter friends.  I was twittering about being in Seattle and he saw it and sent me a message.

It was cool to see first hand how Twitter can help with starting serendipitous adventures in your life.  Saul metup with us and we all had a grand time.

Have you had any serendipitous adventures because of Twitter?

One thought on “Twitter, Serendipity, and Seattle”

  1. Many! Most recently, my wife and I took a trip out to San Francisco (we live in DC). Before going, I posted to Twitter asking for recommendations of things to do. One of my followers – someone I had never actually met – knew of a cool food/live music event some friends were putting on in Golden Gate Park. So, long story short, we go out there and meet up with him and his friends and had a great time that afternoon. Not just serendipitous adventures, cross-country serendipitous adventures with strangers (well, not anymore)!

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