Much Love for the Seattle Web Community!

So I’ve been in Seattle the last couple of days for the SocialMediaCamp Seattle and Mashable SummerMash Party. It’s really been a blast.

The SocialMediaCamp was organized by the amazing Erica O’Grady.  It brought together this really cool swath of the Seattle Web Community.

I got to meet a lot of folks from big to small companies… from people that were just into social media as a hobby and from people that were social media consultants as their job.

The best part was, despite that I was an outsider to the Seattle Web Community, they welcomed me with open arms.  I got the chance to meet and get to know a lot of amazing folks.

Another highlight was being introduced to the local-Seattle company that was responsible for the Web app Whrrl.  This is REALLY cool.  It’s kind of like Yelp meets really neat location-based services.  I’ll be writing more about the app later.

I also got to spend sometime with the folks at Yoono. They’re a social browser plugin that does similar things to Flock but doesn’t require you to get a new browser.  It’s pretty neat but is still in its early stages.  The people behind the company were REALLY cool.

Later that evening, I went to the Mashable Summer Mash party.  That was really nice.  It had this awesome warehouse venue, which is MUCH bigger then any of the venues we’ve used for party’s in DC, which was nice.  It gave you room to breathe.

All in all this was a SUPER successful trip.  I can’t wait to come back and hang with the folks in Seattle.

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