Going to Seattle this weekend…

So… I’m going to Seattle this weekend.  I’m really excited.  I’ve never been to Washington state before.

Saturday I’ll be attending the SocialMediaCamp as well as Mashbable’s SummerMash party.  It should be a great weekend.

Anybody wanna meet up while I’m out there? I wanna stop by the Apple store, while I’m there, and pick up the new 3G iPhone.  Anyone else going?

Also… anything you folks would recommend doing while I’m out there?  I’d love to have the pinnacle of coffee experiences and I hear that Seattle is a good place for it.  Where else should I go?

2 thoughts on “Going to Seattle this weekend…”

  1. I spent a day there in early June after RailsConf in Portland and it was awesome. Everything is just beautiful. Definitely check out the Pike’s Place market – the very first Starbucks is there also. Ascending the Space Needle is probably worth doing but don’t park anywhere near there as it’s very expensive.

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