Two More Must Read Blogs – Logic’s End and Peregrine Espresso

I have two more blogs that I’d highly recommend that you all read.

The blog Logic’s End is written by one of my classmates and best friends from college Louis Horton. He’s one of the smartest conservative poitical thinkers I know.  He’s a young and rising star.

Some of my fondest memories of college are of Louis, the gang, and I either debating politics, philosophy, or literature over beers or coffees.  I’ve learned so much from Louis and I’m confident you will be enlightened just as much.

Secondly, I’d recommend you all read the blog peregrine espresso. It’s written by the couple that’s putting in the new coffee shop at the location of the old Murky Coffee in Capitol Hill.

Just like me, I’m sure all of your hearts broke when the old Murky closed but I’m excited to see the new place and how it will help the Eastern Market area.

The blog is a great way to follow the opening of the new store.  I’m sure I’ll be there the day it opens.

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