Tom Bridge Launches Local Blog “We Love DC”

My buddy Tom Bridge and his merry band of brethern (who used to write for Metroblogging DC) have just launched a new blog called “We Love DC.”

We’re going to be doing this a little bit differently than other blogs have done it. We’re going to be focusing on feature length content for our site, with an emphasis also on the hyperlocal microblogging.

I’m really excited about this blog.  These guys are great writers.  I’d highly recommend that you add it to your RSS reader.

I think the traditional Washington DC print media needs to be worried.  If I want to know what’s going on in DC, I’d more likely to go to a blog like “We Love DC” rather then picking up a paper edition of the Washington Post or City News.

Where do you all go to find out what’s happening in DC?  Any of you read some cool local Washington DC blogs?

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