An Afternoon at the Newseum

Infront of a Berlin Wall Guard Tower

This Fourth of July weekend I have the pleasure of my parent’s company in Washington DC.

When thinking about fun things we could do,  I thought of DC’s brand new museum the Newseum.  I figured it’d be of extra interest to my father being he is a former newspaper reporter.

The Newseum was awesome.  It blew my expectations.

There was one portion of the museum where they walked you through hundreds of years of newspapers and reporting artifacts.

Within the museum there was a corner that was devoted to the effects of the Web and technology on news reporting.  This was particularly of interest to me because it’s the world that I live in.

They had the Nokia N95 used by one of the grad students at the Virginia Tech shootings.  They had an Amazon Kindle on display.  There was also a room where you could watch videos about different major themes in the Online news revolution.  We watched one on blogging pleased to see the smiling face of my friend Jim Long.

I wonder how the museum will change or evolve as the Internet becomes an increasing role in the state of the News.

The nightly television news is fading, newspaper readership is fading, but people are moving to the Web.

Have you been to the Newseum?  What’d you think?

(Photo above was taken by my dad at the Newseum. We’re standing infront of a Berline Wall guard tower.)

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