Blogging is Like Jogging

With work, my life has been REALLY busy and you may have noticed that that there are big gaps between some of my blog posts.  I apologize.

I need to be more faithful to this medium and spend more time using it to explain what’s going in my life and my head.

Sometimes blogging feels like jogging (or physical exercise in general).  It’s so important but at times you’re just feel too tired.  You want to do it but you talk  yourself out of it. That’s no excuse.

For me blogging/writing is a way for me to excercise my ability to think critically about my life.  Writing about my experiences or the issues that creep into my brain forces me to think deeper and harder.

I think it’s the more that we force ourselves to think critically and ask questions the clearer some things will be come.

So… it’s time to get off my butt and write some more.  Check back to this blog often.

4 thoughts on “Blogging is Like Jogging”

  1. I asked a friend of mine who seems to put up an entry almost every other day how he does it. What he told me was that he takes time once a week to write a bunch of entries (some of which are just links or videos) and has them post throughout the week rather than all at once.

    I think that method gives you a good opportunity during the week to say, “hey that would be a good entry, I should put that in my queue of posts.” And it would potentially help you overcome the busy-ness factor if it is scheduled intentionally.

  2. i too had slowed down. i wrote my first post in a week yesterday. that’s just not allowed!!! and just because i have a food blog and i can’t bake every day doesn’t mean i can’t say something else in between kitchen projects… (though ideally, i’d like to bake every day!!!). ever baked with oatmeal stout??? 🙂

  3. Hey Marni, you know I’ve never baked with oatmeal stout. I’d imagine you could use it as a glaze for meat or something like that. 🙂

    It seems like a lot of the food blogs have been covering the food tv reality shows.

  4. Blogging is like jogging for me because I get motiviated for short periods of time and go out about every day, thinking I could keep up this pace forever, and then I sink back into maybe once a week at that. But unlike jogging, you can frontload blogging, like Nate suggested, and write a few entries when you are motivated and schedule them to publish throughout the week.

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