Smithsonian Joins the Flickr Commons Project

Portrait of Albert Einstein and Others

Now this is REALLY cool.  The Smithsonian Institution has joined the Flickr Commons project.  They’ve made 862 photos available through their Flickr account, like this one of Albert Einstein.

Please go enjoy, tag, and be inspired by these photos.

I think this is exactly what these institutions should be doing.  They should be going out of their way to put their content any where and everywhere that it is going to get the most use.

If people aren’t going to be coming to their Web sites to view this content, put the content where the people are.

At the Library of Congress, their are tons and tons and tons of photos available through the Prints and Photographs Online Catalog.  But…I’d venture to say that it has never gotten as much attention as the Library had when it put photos on Flickr.

The future of the Web is distributed.

Speaking of the Library of Congress photos on Flickr.  They just posted some AWESOME photos of a “Home Makers Suffrage Parade” in the very early 20th century.


One thought on “Smithsonian Joins the Flickr Commons Project”

  1. I already like it when the Library of Congress adds new photos and they show up in my feed reader. The Smithsonian Institute is doing a great thing by getting on this bandwagon. Thanks for sharing Justin!

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