Helping People Get To “The Moment”

Jason Calacanis has a really great post  – Finding your startup’s “moment”.

He goes on to say…

“The moment” is the exact time when an individual, after engaging your product, “gets it.” By “gets it” I mean they understand your product’s value proposition at such a deep level that they:

  1. get excited
  2. have an epiphany of sorts
  3. can explain the value of your product to others easily

One of the favorite parts of my job is helping people to achieve “the moment” where they understand Clearspring and the value it can play in their lives.

I love that feeling when their eyes light up.  They’re like… “You solve the problem I’ve been having for the last 3 months.”

I guess part of the trick is also being able to get the user to “the moment” as fast as possible.  It’s important to identify what the barriers are for my users to understand the vale proposition of my company.

What have you achieved “the moment” for lately?

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