The Power of Offline Community

In our Web 2.0 world we seem to talk an awful lot about online community but the offline community is almost equally if not more important.  Recently, in my parents’ neighborhood, there was an awesome example of the power of offline community.

One family woke up one morning to find their house on fire. They got out with their lives but lost everything.

I can’t even imagine.

The neighborhood… this offline community came together:

That’s when the neighbors kicked into action. A next door neighbor serves as a coordinator for offers of help. Another neighbor, Tracy, who lives across the street from us went door to door in the neighborhood with a bucket where neighbors were asked to throw in contributions. Five hundred dollars was collected to help the family pay expenses during the next few days.

Are you aware of what’s happening in your neighborhood? Would your community kick into action if a member was in need?

2 thoughts on “The Power of Offline Community”

  1. Our church recently held a Chicken BBQ to raise money for a family whose father passed away earlier this year. Nearly everything was donated from the church members to local businesses. It was a huge success and we raised nearly $5000 for the family and her two young kids who are now tragically fatherless. It was great fellowship and a great cause that made this offline community thrive.

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