More Evidence of the Decline of the Web Page

Found this kind of interesting when I was doing my morning RSS readering.  Michael Arrington did a story about a new feature on Twitter’s Web site.  This is what he said about it…

I didn’t notice it myself (I use Twhirl and rarely visit the Twitter site)…

I think this is more evidence in the decline of the notion of the Web page.

Because of all the great Web platforms and APIs that are being made avaiable,  the Web is no longer being constrained by the notion of a Web page.  For example, there are many people like Michael Arrington who are using Web applications like Twitter with out ever actually going to the Twitter Web site.

3 thoughts on “More Evidence of the Decline of the Web Page”

  1. Happy B-Day! You have a great father and he has affirmed you by publicly giving you his blessing on his blog.

    This is an enviable event. Tonight….when you put your head on your pillow….revel in the love your father has for you.

  2. lol. just because you don’t visit the page doesn’t mean it isn’t there. And actually, you never have ever visited the page. You only used a client to do it for you. Web client, twitter client, what’s the diff. Now ‘static’ web pages are somewhat dead, but that’s what being static is all about.

  3. @David: Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

    @jason: I acknowledge the fact that the Web page is still there. I just think it’s a less relevant part of my life, which is a ground shaking notion for some people.

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