TechCocktail: Micah Baldwin on “SEO is All Grown Up”


Probably my other favorite presentation at TechCocktail was by my friend Micah Baldwin, the VP of Biz Dev at Lijit Networks.  He talked about SEO.

Now I’ve heard a lot of talks on SEO.  Most made me feel dirty or like I was trying to get black magic.  This was a breath of fresh air.

Micah went through some very practical tips and best practices for Web development that not only help SEO but are just good practices in general.


  • Keep your code clean
  • Keep your code minimal
  • Keep your content focused
  • Keep your content short
  • Keep your clear
  • Have good content

He even went over his own SEO experiment of how he became the #1 douchebag on Google… and he became #3 after previously not being ranked it all on the term.

Check his preso out at:

June 1, 2008 – UPDATE: Micah put his preso on Scribd:

2 thoughts on “TechCocktail: Micah Baldwin on “SEO is All Grown Up””

  1. What’s the version of powerpoint that you have? This is a .pptx file which may require the newest version.

    Micah posted the preso to Scribd. Once he sends me the URL, I’ll post it here.

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