Don’t Engage in Social Media. Engage Your Users Who Use Social Media.

I’m really tired of hearing folks from companies tell me “I wanna engage in social media.”  It’s such the wrong way of looking at EVERYTHING.

Social media is not an ends.  Being in business isn’t all about using social media.

If you’re in business, it’s because you have someone to serve.  There are users who value what you do and you like serving and meetings their needs.

Don’t just engage in social media because it’s the cool thing to do.  Don’t just start a blog or put up a Facebook Page because you read about it in the New York Times.

Engage your users using social media.  Social media allows you to meet your users face to face.  It gives you the opportunity to build this community and these relationships.

If when you start thinking about social media you can’t answer “why?” then you probably shouldn’t start because you’re not going to do that well.

Sorry for the rant.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Engage in Social Media. Engage Your Users Who Use Social Media.”

  1. Totally agree. It is my SOMEWHAT FRANK opinion:

    Social media is life.

    I mean, have you seen my twitter, tumblr, flickr, etc? It is my life online. So basically, companies that say they need to embrace social media really just need to get a life. 🙂

  2. LOL… nice use of personal brand. 😉

    Yeah I totally agree with you. There are always people behind the tools. These companies have just found a new more effective way of engaging their users.

  3. I watched Gary V talk on qik last night from yesterday and could totally see what you mean. The people there didn’t seem like your typical web 2.0 crowd. By the way you make an appearance around the 24th minute.

  4. but but… they don’t want to deal with ‘people’ 🙂 I’ve been playing with the notion of ‘radical trust’ that comes FROM business because I like how it resonates with learning institutions.

    My mantra “computers are tools for putting people in touch with people, and the products they create” says it all… I was never interested in a technology except insofar as it facilitated another way of interacting with more people in a meaningful way.

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