I’d pay for a Twitter Pro account. Would You?

Seems like the only thing the Web 2.0 blogosphere has been talking about as of late has been Twitter.  Whether it’s been problems they’ve had with scaling company to handle the community or scaling it’s infrastructure, everyone has something to say.

Seems like this is a first rate problem.  People whine and moan about things because it’s a service they’re so wrapped up in and feel personally invested with.  That rocks.

I’d be one of those folks who’s become very personally invested in the service.  It’s a primary way that I talk with a big chunk of my community.

Because it’s something I’ve come to depend on, when there is talk about Twitter business models, i’d be one to support paying $5-10/month for a Twitter Pro service.   I’m with Jason.

What do you think?  Do you depend on Twitter?  Would you be willing to pay for it?  If so how much?

BTW – Om Malik has a really interesting post about how Twitter should charge its super users.

6 thoughts on “I’d pay for a Twitter Pro account. Would You?”

  1. I think they should just sell it to a company like Yahoo or Google who could keep it more stable. Since everyone is on twitter is pretty hard not to rely on it. However, I wouldn’t pay for a twitter pro account. I would rather have a ad on the page that give money!

  2. I’d pay for a pro account, if it meant guaranteed reliability. Heck, I already purchased Twitterrific, so it’d be great if Twitter worked as well! Course, part of the problem would be all the non-pro people not having as reliable access. Part of what makes Twitter so great is the “everyone’s on” factor.

  3. Sign me up – I would not only want a Twitter account now – but I would be a happy member in the future when the added even more features. Twitter represents a change in communication at a level we have not seen on the Internet in quite some time. It is opening the doors to new ideas.

  4. $5/$10 a mo. is way too high for Twitter’s track record. I would pay $25 a year and in return want consistent uptime, and moreover, a better way to sort friends/family/acquaintances.

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