Would you work standing?

There is this new trend which has been popping up.  Instead of sitting at a desk, people are standing.  I noticed this first at Clearspring.  There are a handful of guys who work standing up.

Last week, Jamis at 37 Signals wrote a blog post about, “Standing versus Sitting.”

I’m really starting to think about it.  Maybe I should give working standing up a shot.  What do you think?  Would you do it?

9 thoughts on “Would you work standing?”

  1. When I am at work especially when on a call I always tend to pace back and forth and walk around thew room. It keeps the wheels spinning.

    If I could work standing up that would not be so bad at all. Especially since sitting for 8+ hours a day is not good anyway. I realized how out of shape I am while helping a buddy move the other day.

  2. I tried it, half-heartedly, this week. I might try it again. But I found that for most of my working modes, sitting was certainly more comfortable, and didn’t seem significantly less productive.

    My shortfalls when it comes to productivity have more to do with distractability and unclear short-term goals.

  3. I read somewhere that the Washington Post has desks that move up and down to allow folks to work either standing or sitting. I’d love the easy option to do so.

  4. It’ll wear you out the first time you try it. Your hips will feel it for a few days. If you’re curious, you should try it.

    If you get serious, get one of those tall drafting stools or chairs.

  5. I don’t think I’d do it all day. My company moved to a new office a few months ago, and I wound up with a stand-up desk that didn’t have a home. Once in a while I get tired of sitting, and use my laptop on the taller desk for a bit.

  6. Worked with a commercial real estate broker that did, however his daily activities (talking on the phone) were far different than mine. I don’t think I could make the switch. I need a nice comfortable chair to be efficient.

  7. I could (and used to in college) deal with a stand-up kiosk for email checking, RSS reading, and Facebook facebooking. But when it came down to billable work, that requires long stretches of clear focus, I need to not be distracted by my own fatigue.

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