TECH cocktail DC 2 was NUTS!

The Crowd at Tech Cocktail DC 2

Last night geeks from across Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia (DC), and other parts of the country converged upon a club near Dupont Circle, MCCXXIII (1223), for TECH cocktail DC 2.

It was PACKED. I heard from someone that 350 tickets were given out to the event.

It was so cool to have so many of my friends in one place at one time. 🙂 Kudos to Frank Gruber and Eric Olson for putting on a great event.  I hope they do it in DC again soon.

(Great photo taken by Jason Garber)

2 thoughts on “TECH cocktail DC 2 was NUTS!”

  1. TECH cocktail 2 was indeed off the charts. Having Refresh DC on Wed. and TECH cocktail on Thurs. was definitely a one-two punch of DC-area web geek WIN.

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