Random Thoughts from the Dulles Airport Gordon Biersch Pub

So… I’m sitting here in the Dulles Airport Gordon Biersch Pub in D Terminal and of course I have a lot of random thoughts….

  • If you survive frequent travel, the number one tip I’d give is be prepared but also be flexible.  To use technical language, “shit happens.” (pardon my french)  Your going to have a flight that is going to get delayed and there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it.  You can huff and puff but it’s not going to do you any good.
  • This weekend I was hopping out to Indianapolis to spend the weekend with my family.  My flight was supposed to be at 10pm.  It’s now at 12pm. It sucks but *shrugs*.
  • I’m excited to see my family.  They’re are my heros.  They were the biggest influencers in who I am today.  They showed me unconditional love and supported me the entire way.  I can’t wait to give them massive amounts of hugs.
  • Listen to your users.  As a community manager this has been my biggest thing to do thus far, you listen when people say good things and even more importantly you listen when people say bad things.  People appreciate you taking the time to hear their concerns.
  • When a user will take the time to tell you what you’re doing wrong, this is the time you need to listen the most.
  • Don’t always listen to your users.    Over time, things change.  Some people don’t like change.  They get so sucked into a way things are that they don’t appreciate change, even when it’s for the better.  The best current example is the Flickr Video situation.  Flickr adds the ability to do video and the people go ape shit.  It’s crazy.
  • When you have some new product or Web site you want me to use, you’re really asking a lot from someone.  It has to be helpful.  It has to give me pleasure in some way.  Otherwise, i’ll just play with it for a week and never touch it again.  I have to be able to integrate this functionality into my life.
  • Really take time to show people you care.  Be intentional about it. Yes, this may mean taking things a little bit slower and yes it may cost more but it’s WAY WAY better.  Different people like to be appreciated in different ways.  Find out what way someone likes to be loved and show that to them.  It’s the way to build real relationships.
  • Don’t be that guy.  No one likes the guy who just calls you up after not talking to you for a year and asks for something.  If you go out and form real relationships with people and really care about them, the next time you need something they’ll be more likely to fall all over themselves and do it.

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