How to be noticed and have people market you…

Tonight I was having dinner with a friend  whom I have a TON of respect for.   We both agreed there are more and more people who want to be noticed. There are a lot of people in the Web space and everyone wants to be the ones to bubble up to the top.

The thing is too many people do it the wrong way.  They come off as wanting to sell themselves (no one likes that guy) or they really spam people with their personality.  People just tune spam out.  You don’t wanna become white noise.

For me, if you want me to notice you, you need to first do good work.  Be good at what you do.  Give it 100%.  Don’t half ass it.

Second… give without  thinking about what you’re going to get in return.  Help people just because you wanna help.

These are the people that will stick on my radar and I’ll even go out and tell my friends about them. People like to see their friends succeed.

For example, when you’re looking for a job, you’ll have people who’ll go out of their way and help you search.

5 thoughts on “How to be noticed and have people market you…”

  1. Good topic and spot on. Many of the people that I have come to respect in DC (tech and non-tech) are the ones that are truly passionate and help people on their own initiative. And because I like that, I will help them when I see an opportunity. Thanks for the reminder that other people value this too! 🙂

  2. Justin,
    Spot on, I subscribe to the pay it forward philosophy and it has paid off 10 fold for me. I have had people go out of there way to help me when they stand to gain nothing and I have done the return 10 fold as well.
    This is kind of a stretch, but one of m favorite sayings and it kind of fits this post is that “in order to be understood, first you must understand”

  3. …. but i was expecting to read few tips and tricks from a guy from D.C…..(?)… I am disappointed. However,…. this is my first visit to you …and I am going to follow you on ‘twitter’ … i can learn a lot from you, sure.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with thecalculus’ summation. To me, you are far more successful already because you have the intuition to realize that hard work and genuinely connecting with others are the two fundamental steps toward success.

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