In NYC, My iPhone Was My Best Friend

Me walking through NYC

Last Wednesday,  I popped up to New York City to fill in for our CEO, where he was scheduled to speak at a conference.  I had never to be to NYC before so I especially jumped at the opportunity.

In NYC, I felt pretty overwhelmed.  Everything is way bigger and more packed then Washington DC.  Felt like if you stopped on the side walk for more then 5 seconds you were going to get run over.  Yet, I needed to be able to find my way around.

My iPhone quickly became my best friend.

To be able to pull up Google Maps was amazing!  With the triangulation feature, it was able to pull up where I was and use that as a base for the search.  I could find a landmark or place super quickly.

I felt like I could maneuver my way through NYC without much of a problem.

It really demonstrated to me the power of having the Web in your pocket.

2 thoughts on “In NYC, My iPhone Was My Best Friend”

  1. Never been to NYC before??

    I shouldn’t talk – my first time was two years ago and I’ve only been three times since. Everytime I’m there all I want is some open space and maybe to look at a tree 🙂

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