Why Twitter Was So Successful at SXSW… Geography

So Twitter was a big success at SXSW for bringing people together.  As was laid out by Jeremiah Owyang, it was used to revolt against the Zuckerberg/Lacey interview, improve panels, and to find/start parties.

But what empowered Twitter to be so helpful? Most of it’s users were in the same geographic area.

I have Twitter friends from all over the country… all over the world.  There are times when I want to be able to see what everyone in my “global neighborhood” is doing.  That is fine.

There are other times when I want to go grab a beer and I’m curious what everyone else is up to.   What my friends in Boulder, Colorado are doing doesn’t help me find beer drinking company here in Washington DC.

It’d be cool if there was a mobile app that would append my geo-location or maybe just my zipcode on to the end of all my and my friends’ Twitter messages.

In addition to saying I always want to get SMS messages from certain twitter users, I could get SMS messages when tweets happen in my same geographic location.  Seems like this would be useful.

This make sense?

4 thoughts on “Why Twitter Was So Successful at SXSW… Geography”

  1. It is useful until it is not anymore. Visibility is easy to gain. Privacy and opacity is a *lot* harder to regain after having been exposed, specifically on the Web.

  2. I think it makes total sense Justin. I saw more than a few Tweets from folks saying that they felt “drowned out” by all the SXSW Tweets. I reckon tagging and categorising is the way to go, that way you can customise your Tweet streams in a way that makes sense for you.

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