iPhone SDK DevCamp???

At WidgetDevCamp, I floated the idea of doing a iPhone SDK Dev Camp. Seems like there was some interest for it then.

Now that the Apple iPhone SDK is out, I’ve already gotten a few folks asking about it. One of the reasons I thought this would be cool is because it’s so new we’d all be starting at the same place.

Drop me a comment if you’d wanna attend this event.

9 thoughts on “iPhone SDK DevCamp???”

  1. I’m definitely in. If the event is small, say 20 or less, I can probably volunteer the PosE office in Rosslyn as a venue.

    There are a couple annoying drawbacks to the iPhone SDK. You have to have a Mac running 10.5.2, you can’t deploy your app onto your own phone unless you pay $99, and you can’t do any of the cool 3D stuff in the emulator.

    What about having a “phone” dev camp so the ppl with PC’s, or who are mad at Apple for keeping the deployment locked down, or can’t hack Objective C, can still code? The downside is having the group split and unfocused.

    You should check out the Spore demo from the SDK launch event – the accelerometer control is Wii-like and cool.

  2. I have a BlackBerry but I am still interested – I assume my next phone will be an iPhone, especially considering that the iPod still rules the market.

  3. I’d definitely be interested, but the SDK is covered under an implicit NDA, so I have to imagine that Apple wouldn’t look too kindly on it.

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