Coffee shops shouldn’t close at 7pm

Tonight I was on my way to church for an event they were having and wanted to stop by Port City Java in Eastern Market to grab a coffee before I went over.  I had to get the coffee to-go because the coffee shop closed at 7pm.

Coffee shops really shouldn’t close at 7pm.

In today’s society, seems like the only place you can go to hang out after work is a bar.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have no problems with beer or wine, in moderation but there are plenty of times I want a place to hang out after work that isn’t a bar.

It will be 9pm.  I’ll be doing work from home and I’ll kind of have an itch to get out.  But where do you go?

If Port City Java were to stay  open later, the coffee shop could become a center of the neighborhood.  Instead of folks staying home, they could come out at night to a safe community centric place.

What if you brought in local musicians? What if you had a little movie screen?  What if you had talks or poetry readings?  All of a sudden the coffee shop is the hip and cool place to be.  You’re selling more coffee and making more money.

Importantly, people would be getting out of their houses and hanging out with their neighbors in community.

When I live in Lansing, Michgan,  every so often I’d meet my friends for coffee at Beaners (now called Bigby’s) in East Lansing  because it was open late, well actually all night (i think).  It was a happening place.  It was always packed full of people.  I want something like this in DC.

What do you think? Would you go to a late night chill coffee shop?

3 thoughts on “Coffee shops shouldn’t close at 7pm”

  1. Same thing here, we used to do the open mics and drumming ’till the wee hours at the Gourmet Barn (it’s no more alas) in Incline Village. I met my betta half there and would play ‘unplugged’ shows for their wine tastings. Eastern Market should absolutely have something like that. Murky’s future looks murky, eh? Those are some nasty looking notice signs.

  2. Big-Corp ‘coffee houses’ tend to close at 7pm or worse yet 10pm or earlier on a Friday or Saturday nights.

    In San Diego, the small business coffee houses would regularly be open until midnight on weeknights or until 4am on weekends.

    The DC metro area could support real coffeehouses, but instead tends towards Big-Corp coffee; this could be related to the DC metro area having the potential to become a 24 hour city, but sadly being incapable of doing so.

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