SXSW…So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Well I have to say that among the conferences i’ve been to this has by far been one of the best.  South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive is AWESOME!

Among the conferences that folks go to,  it seems like most go here.  The first hour I was here I walked the halls and ran into so many friends of mine.  It’s great!  The Web community is so much fun.

Man and the Web community knows how to party.  There were lots of parties, like 5 or 6 a night.  It was a great chance to meet people I didn’t know.  Probably some of the best parties were the adhoc ones.

Next year I definitely want to do more.  I think any company could get a lot of mileage out of having a presence at this event.  You can gain a lot of awareness pretty quickly.

Seems like every year there is a company or app that gains a lot of attention which everyone is excited, last year it was Twitter… I’d posit that this year it’s Gary Vaynerchuk and Wine Library TV.   I went to a panel and 3 out of the 5 members were wearing Wine Library TV wristbands.  He also threw an adhoc wine party that everyone was talking about and made some news.

Well… I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts to share later.

Did you go to SXSW?  What was the highlight for you?

4 thoughts on “SXSW…So Long and Thanks for All the Fish”

  1. The highlight? Too many to name. I definitely enjoyed chilling with you and I appreciate you connecting me with so many great folks.

    I agree that SXSW is quite the madhouse of activity. That’s the real challenge of it: trying to find where the quality action is going down and diving head first into it. 🙂

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and I know some of the contacts I’ve made will become more than mere acquaintances. That is snazzy.

  2. Did you run into Avi and the crew from I used to spend a lot of time online with them at back when I was building up my photoshopping chops. Their new Flash-based online apps look pretty hot!

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