Community Manager – the relationship guy

When I’m out talking to people, they’ll ask “oh what do you do?” Most have never heard of a community manager at a company so I’ve had to figure out a way to explain it.

Sometimes it feels like my job is part sales/buiz dev/tech support/pr/marketing/dev/spokesman.  It’s kind of crazy.

I guess the best way to explain my job as community manager is that I’m the relationship guy.  I’m the one who gets out there in the community and gets out there with the people who use our product.  I form relationships.  Sometimes I talk.  More of the time I listen.

I truly think that if you want to be successful as a company it’s more about being real with people and believing in your product than selling.

If you have a good product that you believe in and you’re real, genuine, and form relationships with the people you interact with, you, your product, and your company can be successful.

One thought on “Community Manager – the relationship guy”

  1. Hello Justin:

    My wife and I moved to Glover Park in August ’07 after we were married. She’s doing some post-grad work at Georgetown.

    I’d been living in Brooklyn for 9 1/2 years when I started my company, which does most of its work on internal productivity web apps.

    My employees and I work from our respective homes. Working from home was a delight when I lived in a city that was already full of friends … but in DC, I am beginning to feel rather isolated.

    In your rounds as Clearspring’s community manager, have you come into contact with anyone participating in the supposed “co-working” trend?

    I would love to get wise to a good co-working space in the area, but all that I seem to be able to find on the interweb about DC area co-working spaces are hilariously saddening pages like this [].

    I imagine a charmed capitalistic commune … in which my company creates a website for a startup accountant … and the startup accountant does our taxes in return.

    In any event, any information you can provide about DC co-working opportunities, not to mention any entrées into the DC tech community, will be quite welcome.

    Thank you for your blog, Justin. You are now among my feeds. Cheers.

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