Please Please Please Don’t Treat Pownce Like Twitter

There is this whole Twitter vs Pownce debate, which I’ve already weighed in on so I’m not going to rehash that.  Till things get cleared up, there is one thing I ask of you… please please please don’t use Pownce like Twitter.

Twitter is made for telling people that you’re eating a turkey sandwich. Pownce is made for sending me a photo of your turkey sandwich or a cool link.

If I get a barrage of 14 Pownce messages from you, telling me about how you just got on an airplane or are about to eat Chipotle, I’ll probably unfriend you.  It makes Pownce useless

I can take a certain level of noise on Twitter.  Pownce is for more signal and less noise. Pownce is more like sending me an e-mail.

If you found this really cool Wired article or photos of cute kittens, send that to me on Pownce.

5 thoughts on “Please Please Please Don’t Treat Pownce Like Twitter”

  1. Heh Justin

    So are you not for the new breed of apps that are starting to cross post to Pownce and Twitter ?
    It seems with the new API, it seems like we may see more of this “combining” of the two

    Any thoughts ?


  2. I would disagree, both are built to start conversations. One is just more limiting than the other (by choice).

    To me if you mashup the 5 sentence email response, with every one of your emails. You get pownce, or twitter. That is the power, it is the new form of messaging, no spam, and opt in to who you want to hear from and can give the ole glance to that, that you really don’t care.

    I would just beg of the companies to not try and get more out of the product than what is needed, that is what 3rd parties and API’s are for.

  3. I have to say, I never thought of it like this. I always saw Pounce and Twitter as one in the same with the differences being that Twitter has the user base and Pownce has the features. My guess is that others haven’t made the same disconnect that you have and just view them as identical tools and since few of us want to use overlapping tools we pick one, and use it to fill as many needs as possible.

    After thinking about for a few minutes I do see the benefit to having two separate tools but I think I’m more inclined to eventually drop Twitter since your scenario really makes it a mass-IM client, and I’ve been turning my IM client off more and more often.

  4. Call me ignorant… if you wanted to give someone a link to a site you just found or show them some pictures you took, why wouldn’t you just throw it into a blog entry?

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