WhyGoSolo Gets Some Much Deserved Blogosphere Love

It’s really cool to see Ann Bernard and Keith Casey’s Web app WhyGoSolo get so much deserved love from the blogosphere.

They were recently profiled:

What the app does is allow you to meetup with folks who want to attend real life local events.  That way they don’t have to go buy themselves and you get to meet someone with similar interests.

While I haven’t tried it out yet, it’s a GREAT idea and I intend to give it a whirl soon.

Plus they’re local to the Washington DC area and it’s great to see a local bootstrapped startup get international Web attention.

3 thoughts on “WhyGoSolo Gets Some Much Deserved Blogosphere Love”

  1. “While I haven’t tried it out yet, it’s a GREAT idea and I intend to give it a whirl soon.”

    Unfortunately, when you do use it, you’ll find that it doesn’t deliver on its promise.

    Right idea, wrong people. It’s a shame.

  2. Thanks for the nod.

    Personally, I think the entire DC Tech Community needs to push a bit harder on the local media. They think that just because AOL and Sprint-Nextel are leaving that we’re dead… they’re completely missing startups ranging from us to Mixx to Clearspring.

    Funded or not, we need to get their attention. 😉

  3. Thanks Justin and I hope we’ll be seeing more of you on the site! Gotta get people posting listings and using the site for it to become useful.

    Anonymous…wish you were more specific in your comment on how we don’t deliver. We can’t do anything with a one liner. Considering that WhyGoSolo has been fully opened for less than 6 weeks feedback on what delivery you feel we aren’t providing would be useful.


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